Texas Execution

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Killer Edward Green the third was executed Tuesday night for the murder of two people. Another execution is set for today.

Green said, quote, that he "did the best I could with what I had." Green also said he had no hate in his heart or bitterness, adding to his family and the relatives of his victims, quote, "I can only apologize for all the pain I caused you. May God forgive us on this day."

As the lethal drugs began taking effect, Green wheezed and grimaced. He said something unintelligible and gasped. Ten minutes later at 8:21 P-M CDT, he was pronounced dead.

Green's mother sobbed uncontrollably as she watched her son die. She collapsed and had to be assisted from the room. A second witness was placed in a wheelchair briefly.

The lawyers, two state senators from Harris County and the Houston police chief wanted executions stopped for all county cases until authorities can review some 280 recently discovered boxes of evidence that had been mislabeled and improperly stored. Attorneys said the boxes could contain something relevant to Green's double murder case, but prosecutors said all evidence involving Green had been accounted for.

Convicted killer Peter Miniel is set to be executed today. He says he's been looking forward to it for some time. He said, quote, "I'm ready to pay the price." Miniel, would be the 15th Texas prisoner executed this year and the second in as many days.