College Station Hears From Bryan on Neighborhood Rules

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College Station councilmembers want to hear from Bryan officials about their neighborhood conservation.

At Thursday's city council workshop, Bryan city staff members presented details of their Neighborhood Residential Conservation District plan, which was implemented in 2006.

Over the past couple of years, 43 Bryan neighborhoods have successfully had their requests to rezone as a Neighborhood Residential Conservation District.

Neighbors there can petition to have a maximum of two unrelated residents in a home.

Councilmembers in College Station wanted to tap into their neighboring resource to figure out what direction they want to go in.

"What it is is it's quality of life for a lot of our citizen," said College Station Councilmember Ron Gay, "but we have to remember is that students and permanent residents are all citizens, and so we have to balance off everybody's needs, I think."

Local students spoke during the hear citizens portion of the Thursday night council meeting asking that they be able to speak to and hear about future plans. A small group of students spoke out in Bryan against the neighborhood conservation plan, believing it greatly affected their dwelling options.