Red Light Cameras Approved by CS Council

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Red light cameras are now officially on the way to College Station.

Thursday, the city council approved a $300,000 contract for the cameras, which would be featured at these intersections initially:

- Eastbound Harvey Road at Munson
- Northbound Wellborn Road at George Bush East
- Northbound Texas Avenue at Walton
- Westbound Harvey Road at George Bush East
- Northbound Wellborn Road at Harvey Mitchell

Fines of $75 would be assessed to drivers who are caught running a red light.

"It doesn't take much to go through an intersection and see that once it's turned green, there will be two cars that go through on the red," College Station Councilmember James Massey said. "This isn't about money. This isn't about anything but just making sure that we're safe."

The cameras will be installed by early next year as part of a five-year deal with American Traffic Solutions. Additional cameras could be added in later years.

Once the city has recouped the costs of the program, by law, half the money made must go to the state.