Random Drug Testing

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After much debate, Cameron school board members decided to approve random drug testing for all students involved in extra-curricular activities. The testing started this fall, and so far the district is very happy with the results.

"So far this year we've tested about 700 students and we have a 100 percent no positive test thus far," said Maxie Morgan, Cameron ISD Superintendent.

Cameron school officials say they are so pleased that none of the students tested so far turned out positive. School board members say they always knew they were dealing with a good bunch of students.

Hearne ISD also started random drug testing this year. Fifty-two students have been tested. The superintendent could not release how many failed, but says the number was very low.

Hearne and Cameron have similar policies. Both test 7th- 12th graders who are involved in extra-curricular activities. Both also suspend students from participating in activities until a drug counseling program is completed.

Bryan ISD has a less structured policy. It allows the district to test any student only if there's reasonable suspicion of drug use.

"Is it a problem? No. Is it an issue? Yes. In terms of Bryan ISD, we have a community drug advisory council," said Kevin Rasberry with Bryan ISD.

The council is made up of parents, community members, police officers and teachers.

"We get input from them on what's important, what they're seeing in the community and respond to the needs of those parents. They offer some really good and really positive direction for our district," said Rasberry.