Report Shows Texas Could Ban Abortion

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Banning abortion isn't a reality now, but may be in the future.

The liberal activist group The Center of Reproductive Rights reports a number of states are ready to make abortion illegal within a year if the Supreme court reverses its landmark Roe vs. Wade decision. One of those states is Texas.

"There really is a real possibility that roe will be overturned especially in the political climate that we live in," said Debbie McCall with Planned Parenthood.

Five of nine Supreme Court justices are currently considered to be supporters of abortion rights.

Abortion proponents think they would lose that majority if President Bush is re-elected and has the opportunity to fill one or more vacancies on the bench.

Mari Lisa Carney with Coalition for Life stands strong for pro-life values every day.

"It's important now for people to see that they do have a voice that their vote does matter and we have the opportunity to over turn Roe vs. Wade based on who we elect as president," said Carney.

The report comes around the time Coalition for Life is ending its 40 days for life, a campaign in which pro-life supporters spend 40 days praying and fasting outside Planned Parenthood.

"We've seen people come off the streets to support us to pray with us to give us money so overall I say it's very successful," said Carney.

There's no telling whether banning abortion will ever become a reality in Texas.

Supporters feel confident, but those on the opposite side say ban or no ban abortion won't go away.

"It's going to drive these women back to the way it was before. Back to the back alley, practicing unsafe unclean abortions," said McCall.

The Center for Reproductive Rights released its report as part of a pro-abortion campaign against President Bush.