Member of BISD Staff Has Staph

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A Bryan Collegiate High School teacher at the Lamar campus has been diagnosed with the MRSA strain of staph infection.

The teacher reported the diagnosis to the district on Friday morning and is no longer teaching at this time.

The educator is under the care of a physician and currently receiving treatment.

Bryan ISD officials do not think the infection was contracted at school.

"We were proactive in making sure that our facilities and our buildings were clean," said BISD Communications Director Sandy Farris. "We actually stepped up some of the cleaning procedures at the athletic facilities. We already clean those routinely."

The principal at Bryan Collegiate High School, Christina Richardson, has assured parents that proper precautionary measures have been taken on the campus.

Richardson sent a letter home to parents with the following facts and precautions about MRSA:

- The risk of MRSA infection increases if people have a break in their skin.
- MRSA lesions commonly appear as a spider or insect bite that later develops into an abscess.
- MRSA cannot be treated with the usual antibiotic; therefore, a physician should evaluate any suspicion of an infection.
- Signs of infection may include redness, swelling, drainage, pain and fever.
- Good hygiene and use of hand sanitizer may prevent the spread of a staph infection.
- Keep open wounds clean and bandaged.
- Do no share any personal items with others including drink containers, lip/hair products and clothing.