College Station Police Chief Leaves Post

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College Station Chief of Police Mike Clancey has called it quits. Clancey submitted his resignation Friday afternoon saying he intends to retire.

The resignation is effective immediately meaning Friday was his last day on the job. In a telephone conversation with News 3, Clancey said he and the city wanted to go in different directions, but he didn't elaborate.

"I'll miss the community and really miss the department, but I wanted to get back to my roots," said Clancey. He said he plans to move back to Virginia.

"I knew Mike had indicated he was looking to pursue some other interests," said City Manager Glenn Brown. "I guess it surprised me coming today, but I knew he was looking."

Brown said Assistant Chief Scott McCollum will serve as temporary acting chief. He also said the city will contact Texas First Group, a consulting firm that fills short-term vacancies with former police chiefs.

Clancey came to College Station in December 2004 following the retirement of longtime chief Edgar Feldman.