Shelter Land Sale

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The Brazos Animal Shelter has added $760,000 to its bank account because of a land deal.

Executive Director Kelley Durham says the shelter sold the land intended to be the location for a new facility because the cost of brining utilities to the property was too high.

But plans for a new facility with more room, a dog park and a pet memorial are not on hold.

"We are trying to save more lives and with a larger facility we're going to be able to save anywhere from one to two thousand dogs and cats every year but until we get that space we're losing those lives every year," says Durham.

A new facility is just one of the changes. Beginning Jan. 1, the shelter will no longer provide animal control services for Bryan because the 13-year contract was terminated.

"There were basic services that we needed that weren't being met," says Bryan Police Officer Walt Melnyck.

Melnyck says Animal Control was doing a great job Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. But after hours and on weekends the shelter was falling short.

"We felt we could do a better job cheaper," says Melnyck.

Bryan will continue to pay for housing stray animals at the shelter. But will not pay $216,000 for field work.

The shelter says it doesn't affect their bottom line.

"They paid us just for the expenses for animal control so there will be no financial difficulty to the shelter losing the contract," says Durham.

But some shelter employees paid by the city will not have a job unless they re apply.

This comes at a time when the shelter's board has been dissolved and 12 new board members from the community will step in.