Fijis Share Aggie Spirit with Kids Fighting Illnesses

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Children battling cancer have been able to find encouragement in their fight through the Aggie Spirit.

One local fraternity has been sharing the spirit of maroon and white with those children for five years through their "Share the Spirit" event.

On Saturday, 40 kids from Texas Children's Hospital and M.A. Anderson travelled to College Station from Houston for a dose of Aggieland.

Phi Gamma Delta fraternity member and this year's event chairman Daniel Crawford says he and his brothers know how fortunate they are and want to give back.

"We're so blessed to put on an event that really actually makes a difference in the lives of people," Crawford said.

The lives they touch, happen to be those of kids undergoing treatment for cancer and other conditions.

Tim Brown has had a bleeding disorder since birth and he began losing his hearing at the age of 10.

Brown says the "Share the Spirit" event helped him realize something important.

"That I'm not the only one with something wrong with me," Brown said.

His mom, Sherri Brown, says when Tim attends events like Saturday's, with other children who spend a lot of their days in the hospital she gets to enjoy her son being a kid.

"It makes me feel so good," Sherri said. "It's just good to see him have a good time and to not feel different, to feel like he's doing things other kids get to do."

Texas Children's Cancer Center Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jalane Theis says the fraternity brothers offer young patients more than the Aggie tailgating and football experience.

"The Fijis are just amazing," Theis said. "They come in they look at the kids like they're normal teenagers which is what we are trying to provide for them."

Sharing the Aggie spirit of Game-Day, allows courageous kids like Tim to have childhood memories filled with more than just hospital visits.