Task Force Gets the Go Ahead

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Three months after a firey explosion at Texas A&M's Henzel Terrace Apartments, the destruction is cleaned up, but the memories and questions still linger.

The District Attorney's office has been working a criminal investigation for over a month, postponing the university from organizing a task force to conduct its own investigation.

"Basically we wanted to let the police do their work before the task force started looking at management issues," said Assistant District Attorney Margaret Lalk.

The District Attorney has now given A&M's president Dr. Robert Gates the go ahead. Within a week, the Task Force should start its own investigation, focusing on university maintenance and communication .

"This is really focused on, how can we do a better job of serving the students at the university apartments but also on campus generally," said Gates.

The apartment explosion on July 31st, killed a 4 year old girl, her grandmother, and injured two other family members.

The State Fire Marshal said a gas leak was to blame. Many of the people who lived there were angry A&M workers failed to fix the deadly leak.

Since then, the university has replaced or fixed most of the gas lines for the apartment complex.

Complex resident Frank Agbogbo remembers the tragedy well, but said he feels safer.

"It saddened all of us. We know very well it could of happened to any of us living here, but I think the university has been very responsive," said Agbogbo.

Gates plans to release the names of task force members on October 8th. He also expects the investigation to take about a month.