Abused Children

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The state's Health and Human Services commissioner says his office was not trying to conceal any information.

But he acknowledges that problems with management practices and other issues were left out of a recent report on Child Protective Services.

Brian Flood is the inspector general of the Health and Human Services Commission. He told lawmakers yesterday that most of his findings -- including problems with C-P-S management practices -- were excluded from a report compiled by the commission.

Health and Human Services Commissioner Albert Hawkins says last week's report was not an "exhaustive list." He says more information will be in the final report due December 31st.

The commission released the report in response to an order by Governor Rick Perry after the Department of Family and Protective Services was indicted in Hidalgo County this summer.

A grand jury said C-P-S' parent agency failed to intervene in a sexual abuse case involving three sisters, including one who said her stepfather impregnated her.