Brazos County Tax Statements Hit the Mail

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If you own property in Brazos County, check your mailboxes this week.

Tax statements will be mailed out Tuesday, but there will be a different look.

The normal two-page insert has been consolidated to one document, combining the statement and other information.

You will also notice a number comparing school taxes paid in 2007 to 2005.

The savings are tied to Texas legislative action taken in 2005 to lower property taxes.

"This is is an attempt to look at what is your taxable value this year and multiply that times that maintenance and operations rate from 2005," Brazos County Tax Assessor-Collector Kristeen Roe said.

For this year only, tax statements will compare the tax bill under the 2005 rules to the updated 2007 rules, and show the estimated savings.

Roe says residents can compare the 2005 and to 2007 rates so they have an actual dollar amount to reflect savings.

Full payment is due January 31st, unless you split your tax payments.
Those installments are due November 30th and June 30th.

To pay online, you can go to the Brazos County Appraisal District's website, Both credit card and e-check payments are accepted.

More traditional payment methods are still available. You can mail your payments, as long as the envelope is postmarked with the due date.

In-person payments will also be accepted. Roe asks that all residents paying in person for single or multiple properties bring their statement or list of properties when they pay.