Crime Stoppers Turns 25 in Brazos County

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For 25 years, Brazos County Crime Stoppers has been a criminal's worst nightmare.

The anonymous tip line will celebrate a quarter-century of catching crooks at a banquet Tuesday night at the College Station Hilton.

"It truly is the anonymity of the program that's the selling point for them," said Sheriff Chris Kirk of the program. "They worry about being retaliated against by somebody that might have some information."

Kirk has been at the helm of the non-profit program for nearly 20 of the 25 years.

Nearly 2,000 arrests have been made based on the anonymous tips, with nearly $3 million in narcotics and property seized, and a quarter of a million dollars in reward money paid out.

What may surprise many is that Sheriff Kirk says upwards of 40 percent of those people who provide tips that lead to arrests don't end up collecting.

"It's important that we have strong partnerships with law enforcement, but it's also important that the community trust the program, and those numbers indicate that they do," Kirk said.