Pantex Contract

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The contract extension for the Pantex contractor is under review by the National Nuclear Security Administration -- and government regulators may extend the contract for B-W-X-T Pantex for up to five years without a bid process.

That's according to an official at the nation's only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility.

Dan Glenn, director of the Pantex Site Office, says a decision on whether to extend the contract will be based primarily on the evaluation of B-W-X-T Pantex L-L-C's past performance. He says an evaluation team recently completed a performance review of the contractor.

Glenn says after a recommendation is made on the contract in December, a final decision is scheduled to be announced early next year.

B-W-X-T Pantex was awarded the five-year Pantex contract in 2000 after another bidder unsuccessfully challenged to get the contract. B-W-X-T Pantex assumed the Pantex contract in February 2001.