Mays Honored for Business Leadership

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Lowry Mays' business career is well known throughout the state. Tuesday, it was recognized by Former President Bush and another major entrepreneur.

The McLane Leadership in Business Award, possible through a gift by Drayton and Elizabeth McLane, is co-sponsored by the Bush Presidential Library Foundation and the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce.

"A leader has integrity and honesty. He achieves great things, and of Lowry Mays, this is certainly true," McLane told an intimate gathering at the Annenberg Conference Center Tuesday night. "He created an industry, the biggest in the world, not only in the United States, but around the world."

Clear Channel Communications is Mays' business legacy. From the humble beginnings of a single radio station in San Antonio came 1,100 radio and 40 television stations, plus 870,000 outdoor advertising displays around the world.

Add in a legacy of service to Texas A&M not only as a graduate, but as a former chair and member of the System Board of Regents, and the McLane Leadership in Business Award being in his hands was a no brainer, especially considering the highly-recognized business school at the university bears Mays' name.

"I can think of no greater example for winning the McLane Award than Lowry Mays," President Bush said. "We're talking about leadership. You talk about public service. You talk about success in business. All of these things, he exemplifies."

Mays thanked McLane and Bush for their words and the honor, but put credit where he thought it was due.

"It really goes to those 30,000 employees that are out there in 65 different countries, 50 states in the United States, that get up everyday -- and some of them are here tonight -- and really make those of us in San Antonio look very good," Mays said.