A&M Corp Gets Ready for San Antonio

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The Texas A&M University's Corp of Cadets will be headed to the Alamo City to compete against other army ROTC cadets around the region.

An everyday routine for these cadets, is getting up at 4 a.m.Monday through Friday and sometimes even weekends.
They've been physically training for what some call 'bragging rights.'

Master Sergeant Darrell Cassle says "It can be anything from running to 6-7-8 miles to a pluthera of push ups and sit ups. Then Friday mornings we carry around a back pack of 40 pounds for about 4 to 6 miles."

Ranger Challenge is an annual military competition. It consists of several physical events like rope bridge building and grenade throwing. The challenge began in 1987 as an all male event...and A&M will be taking its first co-ed team in over a decade.

Cassle adds, "What's groundbreaking about this years event is 2 females to be a co-ed team in the past only 1 female could make the co-ed team."

"I think the best part is they don't treat us any different...they treat us exactly the same." says Brianna Startzell, a first year cadet.

The competition takes place at Camp Bullis in San Antonio. There are two teams headed to the Alamo City. These cadets are ready for the challenge...but looking forward to some time off.

Caley Langenwalter says, "Being able to sleep in after the competition. I've been doing this for 2 years and my body is starting to wear down."

Cassle adds, "It has to be a team effort all the way. just like the A&M football games, how their winning. That's what we have to do. With the team effort go win this thing."

A&M has won the Ranger Challenge for the past four years and their hoping to make it number 5.