SHSU Homecoming Celebration

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This year's homecoming events at Sam Houston State University will be quite unique. The school is also commemorating its 125th Anniversary, turning this week into a birthday bash. The university's President, James Gaertner, is excited about all the festivities and events.

"This is a very special university. It's the third oldest state university in Texas. We have a tradition of being very friendly to students. We want to see our students do well. We want to have that friendly atmosphere," said Gaertner.

University officials have been busy marking the milestone. There is a new book about the school and a new verse has been added to the alma mater. More and more students are also choosing Sam Houston.

"We're moving forward. 14,000 students plus this year and we're growing and we're proud of ourselves," said Terry Bilhartz, a history professor.

"It's a beautiful campus and just a wonderful atmosphere. We have great fans as far as football and it's just a great university all around," said Jarrod Westerman, a senior football player.

The Bearkat band led a march through campus to the football stadium. Then everyone gathered to take a panoramic picture. The party continued as everyone enjoyed a piece of birthday cake and punch.

Nearly 3,000 students, faculty, and alumni gathered on this field to take a panoramic picture, capturing the memories of 125 years forever.

The fun continues Wednesday with the Homecoming Parade and carnival. The big football game will be on Saturday.