Shelter Tests Cats for Ring Worm

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The Brazos Animal shelter says it will now do a light scan on all cats to detect ring worm.

Recently the Horton family contracted ringworm from a kitten they adopted at the shelter. The kitten named Oreo was put to sleep Wednesday because of other related health problems.

Once the family has a clean bill of health, the shelter has promised to give them a new kitten. Because of the incident, the Brazos Animal Shelter will now perform a florescent light scan on each cat. If a cat has ring worm, it will glow when the light is put near the body.

It is the only sure way to detect the fungus. Kelley Durham says it is uncommon for a shelter to perform the scan, but they want to guarantee the cats are healthy.

The Horton family says they have already spent over $600 on medical bills.