Eels on Wheels

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A car accident 12 years ago left Kyle Walsh a quadriplegic, but he has found something that gives him back his mobility. Walsh is apart of "Eels On Wheels", which promotes Scuba diving for people with disabilities.

"I think it'd be awesome for anybody to Scuba dive, but for somebody with a mobility impairment to be in a gravity free environment and be able to enjoy the freedom of being able to go, not having to worry about curbs or ramps," said Walsh.

Walsh is also a football coach at A&M Consolidated High School. He brings a unique perspective to the players on and off the field.

"We have people that fit different roles and maybe my role is that when times are getting tough, to keep going and know that things aren't really that bad," said Walsh.

Walsh wants to spread the word to the community about the joys of Scuba diving. Eels on Wheels and Texas A&M are sponsoring a training session on Saturday.

"Have fun. That's the major thing and it's very easy. Once they get under water, they have the weightlessness. They don't have gravity fighting them and it's just amazing," said Jim Woosley, with Texas A&M Aquatics.

Walsh hopes that whether people have disabilities or not, Scuba diving can be their getaway. Because he says underwater everyone has their breath taken away.