11 Grams of Meth Seized in Madisonville Traffic Stop

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MADISONVILLE On Tuesday shortly after midnight, Madisonville Police Officer Greg McMahon conducted a traffic stop on a Dodge Durango for a traffic violation at the intersection of Interstate 45 and Highway 21. Due to the driver’s behavior, Officer McMahon questioned the male, later identified as 58-year-old Donald Brown who said he was traveling from Conroe to Dallas to visit family.

Corporal Gary Laws arrived on scene shortly after and both officers received consent to search the vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, officers found several baggies of methamphetamine and numerous pieces of drug paraphernalia.

Brown was placed under arrest for Possession of Methamphetamine which is a Second Degree Felony.

“Meth is one of the most dangerous and addictive street drugs out there. The effects methamphetamines have on the human body can be horrendous," said Chief C.W. “Chuck” May. "Due to Officer McMahon’s proactive policing style, he has kept the meth from reaching the hands of others. Regardless of the weather and freezing temperatures, we are out there keeping Madisonville’s streets safe.”