Enron – Merrill Lynch Trial

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Four witnesses have invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and refused to testify in a Houston fraud and conspiracy trial.

Meanwhile, a former Merrill Lynch executive testified he can't remember or never saw certain documents that made a loan – appear to have been a sham.

William Fuhs was on the stand in his trial stemming from a year-end 1999 deal with Enron.

Houston-based Enron filed for bankruptcy protection after its stock collapsed in 2001.

Fuhs is one of four former Merrill executives and two former Enron executives charged with pushing through a loan purported to be a sale.

The case involves interest in three power-generating barges off Nigeria.

Fuhs wrapped up his defense yesterday.

Defendant Dan Boyle, who's a former finance executive at Enron, began testifying late -- but has yet to get into the mechanics of the deal.