Christmas for Troops in Iraq

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The holidays will no doubt be tough for those serving in Iraq as well as for their loved ones missing them here at home. That's why one local group wants to send Christmas to our troops.

"When you get a package like this, it shows the love and care that their fellow countrymen have for them," said Richard Bauer with Postal Plus.

Bauer and the crew at Postal Plus are busy packing boxes full of gifts for American troops fighting in Iraq. Having fought in the Vietnam War, Bauer says he knows what these gifts will mean to the soldiers.

"It will pick up the moral and they'll enjoy sharing with each other and enjoy a little bit of home," said Bauer.

Ginger Wentrcek helped organize the gift drive and says the Brazos Valley came through in helping support our troops.

"These people are putting their lives on the line for all of us and it's the least that we can do back home to let them know we're thinking about them," said Wentrcek.

Senator Steve Ogden and his wife Beverly also played an active role in making sure servicemen and women weren't forgotten this holiday season.

Their only son, Michael, is leading a group of Marines in Iraq. The only contact they have with him is through an occasional e-mail. The Ogdens like many other families share this sentiment.

" We love him, we're proud of him and we pray for him everyday," said Senator Ogden.

" It does make you feel better to know that people remember. We're waiting for the day he comes home," said Mrs. Ogden.