Political Battle Over Army Issue

The army is the latest battlefield for the Congressional District 17 candidates.

At a Thursday rally in Waco, Republican Arlene Wohlgemuth accused Democrat Chet Edwards of turning his back on the troops. Wohlgemuth says Edwards allowed an insurance company to profit from questionable business deals with young soldiers.

" I believe that this issue shows the real heart of Chet Edwards," said Wohlgemuth. "He's willing to allow our young service men and women to be scammed for financial profit and financial benefit to his campaign."

Edwards denies the charge, calling the claims, "Outrageous." Surrounded by a group of veterans backing his campaign, Edwards said,"Mrs. Wolgemuth's attack on my support for soldiers today is a sad desperate attempt to rescue a failing campaign."

The two also exchanged accusations over the future of Waco's VA Hospital.