College Station and Residents Disagree on Fire Station

A group of College Station residents doesn't want to wake up to sirens.

"Sound knows no barrier to your home when those sirens go off. It doesn't matter if it's the back of your home or the front of your home. It's an eye sore, it's a noise, it wakes our children up at night," said concerned resident Kent Knudsen.

Knudsen and his neighbors in Alexandria subdivision, live on the perimeter of a field that may soon house the new Fire Station 3.

Right now the station is currently along the bypass near Greens Prairie Road, but it has to be moved because of future plans for the access road.

Despite the reason, neighbors are worried what the station could do to their property values.

Bart Humphries with the fire department said voters approved the move in a bond election last November.

"We didn't receive any negative feedback after explaining why the station needed to be moved and why we were looking at where we decided to move it," said Humphries.

Residents said the city talked to the Shenandoah Homeowners Association (also known as Southern Plantation Homeowners Association) about the proposal, but not to them who live about a mile down the road where the land for the fire station is located.

"We were not notified, and would you want a station dropped in the middle of your neighborhood? Absolutely not, no one wants one out their back door," said resident David Rudd.

Rudd lives across the street from the proposed location. He is helping with a petition that has over 100 signatures. Dozens of neighbors plan to present to the city council with the petition during the October 21st meeting.

As for the city, Mayor Ron Silvia said everything will be taken into consideration.

Humphries said all home-owner associations in the area were contacted about the proposal.

The residents stressed they are for moving the fire station to a better location. They are suggesting three other locations on the outskirts of the neighborhood.