Three Things: Foods You Should Eat

Everyone knows that working out and eating right are the two main components of a healthy lifestyle.

There are lots of foods that people eat because they are widely known for their nutritional value, but the following are three super foods that you may not have in your shopping cart.

1. They may not be pretty, but beets pack a ton of flavor. Plus, just like spinach, this crimson vegetable is a great source of folate.

2. Spice up your diet with cinnamon. It helps control your blood sugar, which influences your risk of heart disease.

3. Halloween may be over, but don't throw away that jack-o-lantern. Pumpkin seeds are the most nutritious part of the pumpkin. These little seeds are a great source of magnesium.

Make a place for these three things on your shopping cart and upgrade your health without a prescription.

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