Does It Work: Pasta Express

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The commercials on the newest and greatest products catch our attention. But, are these gadgets really great?

We put one of these products, the Pasta Express, to the test.

To see if it really worked, we enlisted the help of Frittella Italian Café in Bryan to help us out.

"If a magician is inside there, which is making the water boil, then I would guess it will cook," Adriano Farinola the owner of Frittella Italian Café said.

But will it?

The Pasta Express claims it will cook pasta in just seven minutes. The instructions say all you need is pasta and boiled water to succeed.

We followed the directions and after the time elapsed, Farinola knew something wasn't right.

"The pasta looks like it's sewn together," Farinola said. "It's clumped up, because the starch glued the pasta together."

But, what about the taste?

"Very hard," Farinola said. "It's not good at all."

So, would you find the pasta express in Frittella's kitchen? Probably not. On a scale from one to five, one being the worst, the pasta pro said....

"One," Farinola said. "You will never see this product in Italy."