Brazos County Jail Bond, Bryan Senior Tax Freeze Pass

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The two major items besides constitutional amendments on Brazos County ballots passed easily Tuesday night.

After all 80 precincts had been counted, the expansion of the Brazos County Jail was approved. Nearly two-thirds of all voters approved the bond issue.

Currently, Brazos County's jail holds 546 beds. With the approved expansion, it will hold 940, making iit big enough to house inmates for the next 25 years.

"The jail commission has put us on notice that overcrowding is not appropriate and we have to find a fix to it and the best fix of all is to build new jail space," Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk said.

"I think it was awfully good for the citizens of Brazos County because we have an opportunity now to put a jail in place to handle this overflow that we have," added County Judge Randy Sims.

Bryan residents voted to institute a freeze on property taxes for senior citizens and the disabled. Nearly 80 percent voted in favor of the tax freeze.

"It's very important to thousands of people who are on fixed incomes and don't get much more than two or three percent per year," said Bryan resident Perry Slagle, who headed up the effort to enact the tax freeze.

Out of 82,180 registered voters in the county, 6,834 ballots were counted, or 8.32 percent of the registered voters.

The following are the final vote totals for Brazos County:

Brazos Co Jail Expansion Bond
For - 3,969 (63%)
Against - 2,282 (37%)

Bryan Senior Tax Freeze
For - 2,498 (79%)
Against - 658 (21%)