Clancey Speaks About Retirement as CSPD Chief

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Michael Clancey says his retirement as College Station police chief was an amicable separation between two sides that had differing philosophies.

In his first full interview since his October 26 resignation, Clancey said he didn't want there to be a perception that he had abandoned the city and the men and women of his department, of which he had been chief for three years.

"It certainly wasn't that I just deserted the city," Clancey said. "I have a terrific staff with the College Station Police Department. They're outstanding, and what a wonderful community to live in. It's been a privelege, but sometimes, things don't always work out the way you thought they would."

However, Clancey said opinions on how CSPD should move forward were very different depending on who you asked, staff or Clancey. While he wouldn't elaborate on exact details, Clancey did say there was nothing wrong with how College Station wanted the department to go forward, just that it wasn't how he wanted to do things.

"You need to be on the same page as a management team, and I think we grew apart," Clancey said. "That's no one's fault. It happens, part of the business."

Clancey turned in his notice of retirement on October 26, which he indicated was his last day. He said he had been mulling over the option for a while, and had told the city he was exploring other job opportunities. His immediate retirement was something he felt was right.

"Once you indicate that it's over, it's not really healthy for the department, for the chief to stay and impede any progress that they might make," Clancey said.

While he said he may have made mistakes over his tenure, Clancey said he regretted nothing from his time as chief. He touted the addition of officers to the force, a six percent reduction in crime and community relations work that he believes made for a safer city.

"I'm not at all upset that this is the way it ended," Clancey said.

The city is in the very early stages of a search for a new chief. In the meantime, Bobby Whitmire has been brought in as an interim chief. He had recently served as Bryan's interim chief while they conducted a search of their own.