Students Apartments Targeted By Burglars This Thanksgivng

Area criminals have been at it again this Thanksgiving holiday. They have targeted apartment complexes and duplexes knowing the college students living there went home for the holiday.
Late Sunday, about a dozen college students living in Bryan have come home to either their or their neighbor's apartment burglarized.
Some of the criminals have simply broken down the front door to get in, helping themselves to whatever was available.
As the majority of students return Sunday night, Bryan Police expect more cases to be called in.
They say it's not uncommon for burglaries like these to happen over the holiday weekends, but taking simple steps can keep belongings safe. Sgt. Donnie Manry of the Bryan Police department says,
"the best thing is to let your neighbors know, know your neighbors, get to know them and have somebody watching your place for you. That's how we find out about a lot of these, neighbors watching, knowing this person's out of town and calling us and saying, 'I see somebody strange over there and they don't belong.' "
Usually College Station is hit the hardest by criminals targeting out of town students, but this year, there have only been a few burglaries.
CSPD stepped up patrols of apartment complexes this Thanksgiving hoping to deter holiday crime.