District 17 Candidates Debate

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Chet Edwards and Arlene Wohlgemuth took to the District 17 airwaves Saturday night to lock horns on the tough issues concerning potential voters.

"If you want someone who campaigns as a moderate but votes like a liberal, vote for Chet Edwards," said the Republican Wohlgemuth.

"I have put the interest of our district and the interests of our country above partisanship," said Representative Edwards, the democratic nominee for the seat.

Among the biggest of moments, the three separate occasions where Edwards sharply criticized Wohlgemuth's claims that Edwards helped an insurance company conduct questionable business with young service members.

"Can you name one base anywhere in the world where I got them back selling insurance sales policies where they'd been kicked off, one base," asked Edwards.

"I've answered that you got American Amicable put back on to all the military bases because they were facing a worldwide ban," Wohlgemuth responded.

Wohlgemuth went on the offensive when it came to Edwards party support.

Wohlgemuth asked, "How are John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi better for this district than George W. Bush?"

Edwards responded, "I don't think it's any surprise a Democratic congressman votes for the Democratic ticket."

"I am a pro-business, pro-family candidate, and I believe that came out during the debate," Wohlgemuth said following the debate.

"I was glad to have an opportunity to talk about my proven record for fighting for jobs here at Texas A&M, bringing tens of millions of dollars to agriculture and engineering and defense," said Edwards after the debate.

With just days remaining before the election, this debate was not the last between these two candidates, but it may well have been the most important.