Investigation to Look at Financial Dealings of TV Evangelists

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ST. LOUIS (AP) - The ranking Republican on the U.S. Senate Finance Committee is investigating the financial dealings of six TV evangelists.

Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa sent letters Monday asking media-oriented ministers around the country to provide documents detailing their finances by December 6th.

Grassley says he is following up on concerns raised by the public and news organizations over certain practices and amenities.

The minstries Grassley contacted include Kenneth and Gloria Copeland of Newark, Texas. The Fort Worth-area evangelists practice the Word of Faith movement, which believes that faith will reward people spiritually and financially.

Another is Grapevine's Benny Hinn, whose daily television program, "This is Your Day!" is seen in more than 100 countries.

Other ministries targeted by Grassley's inquiry include Joyce Meyer of Fenton, Missouri; Eddie Long of Lithonia, Georgia; Creflo and Taffi Dollar of College Park, Georgia; and Randy and Paula White of Tampa, Florida.