Grimes County Disappearance Remains a Mystery

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Singleton, Texas -- small town America. You know it's a small town when The Singleton Store is THE Singleton store. When you're driving through town, and you blink, and you miss it. And you know it's a small town when all the residents know each other's names.

Everyone in Singleton knows Carlos Rodriguez's name.

It's been two weeks since anyone has seen the 19-year-old. Sheriff's deputies and game wardens have been searching the back roads and woods for any sign of him. What makes the situation even more intriguing is the fact that Rodriguez left behind his wallet and personal items.

"He's a good kid," said Rodriguez's step-father, David Medina. "He would stay out at night [and tell me] 'Hey, I'm going to stay at so-and-so's place.' It's one thing I'd tell him -- 'You've always got to communicate, let me know where you're at,' and it's always been like that. It's just very odd that there isn't any sign of him."

David and his wife, Sheila, say their son was acting normally on the last evening they saw him. The next morning, the family ran some errands, and Carlos stayed home.

"When we came home that afternoon, he was gone," Sheila said, "and we waited a little while, and then I called some friends to see if maybe they had seen him. It just looks like he left for a little while and then he never came back."

The community has banded together to search for him.

"We've assisted in the search of some possible areas he might have gone," said Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell. "Four-wheelers just spent a large amount of time looking at some wooded areas."

"A lot of people have been making a lot of phone calls, just talking to a lot of people," said Reverend Floyd Hoke of the Church of Singleton Bible Fellowship. "That's what we're asking people to do, just to be aware and ask all the questions that they can."

And friends and family hope this small town son comes home.

"Carlos, if you're out there somewhere and you can hear me, please come home safe," pleaded Kathy Frueboes, a former co-worker of Carlos's. "There's a church family here that's waiting here that's will stand behind you a hundred percent. Just come home safely, please. We're praying for you."

"Son, come home," said his father. "We're waiting for you right here. We can work out whatever the problem is if there is a problem. And if there's somebody out there that knows something, I would tell them to come forward and let truth be known."