Renaissance Murder Arrest

There's been an arrest in Saturday night's murder at the Renaissance Festival. A man who was leaving the Renaissance Festival with his sister was attacked by a group of men following an argument.
Brandon Smith , 23, of the Woodlands was stabbed 19 times and died after he was airlifted to Conroe Medical Center.
Sheriff Don Sowell says 19 year old Brent Noland of Montgomery was turned over to lawmen by Noland's attorney Sunday.
Noland has been charged with murder.
According to a Probable Cause statement, Noland told a witness that he stabbed a man at the Festival and even produced a knife with blood.
The statement also details a Ford Bronco confiscated from Noland's home with blood stains on it's seat and drivers' side door.
That Bronco is now at the Grimes County Sheriff's Department for processing.
The Sheriff says Noland had to be treated and released for a leg wound apparently received during the incident.
The murder weapon has not yet been recovered but according to lawmen, was probably a knife with about a 4 inch blade.
More arrests are pending.
Both the victim and the victims sister were home on leave from the navy and decided to spend time together at the Renaissance Festival.