Second High School for Bryan?

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It has been talked about for years, but now a second high school could finally be on its way to Bryan, but only if voters approve it.

On Monday, the school board approved a bond package with two propositions totaling over $100 million.

The first proposition is for $98.75 million. The bulk of that money will go to a second high school, a new middle school, and re-building Bonham Elementary. The purchase of land, additions, and renovations to other schools are also included.

A second proposition is for $5.5 million. That bond includes a natatorium, but that project will go forward only if the city agrees to pay half. Gymnastics facilities and renovations to the Viking field house are also included.

The board also approved renovations to Viking Stadium, including additional restroom space, but says that will come from reserve money. The board is expected to call the election for February 26.