Drugs in Schools

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It may not get as much attention as it used to, but drugs in schools are still a problem on some local campuses.

Even with all the drug prevention campaigns and punishments in place, some students are still bringing drugs into schools.

"We don't tolerate, will not tolerate narcotic use or possession in our schools and we want to make that fact very clear," said Bryan Police Spokesman, Walt Melnyk.

Last week a male student was arrested at Eagle Academy in Bryan for possession of marijuana. The principal says the student was new to the school and that, to her knowledge, there has not been a major drug problem.

"We have counselors that will come in and talk with the students as well and the staff will stay on P's and Q's as far as positive re-enforcement of how to be a successful student and to be drug free," said Keisha Binder, Eagle Academy's Principal.

Random drug searches are also conducted at Eagle Academy, but that's not the only school where drugs have shown up. Last year police arrested 38 students in the Bryan school district for drug possession and several have been arrested this year as well. But schools and police are working together to address the issue.

“Not only do we enforce the law, we educate kids on the dangers of drug use through our DARE program and through the literature we put out in the schools,” said Melnyk.

Both Bryan and College Station school districts say drugs in the schools are not a huge problem like in big cities, but they continue to fight, hoping to make all schools drug free.