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Sex Bracelets

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What were once considered friendship bracelets among middle and high school students are now being worn as a sex game.

"I was shocked. Totally shocked," says Parent Gloria Thomas.

Thomas had no idea the bracelets her 13-year-old daughter Monica had been wearing for a year, were part of an Internet sex game.

And that most kids at her Huntsville middle school were playing along.

"I've talked to most of the kids in the neighborhood. They all knew what it meant. They all had the lists, codes that tell them what they mean. No parent knew. They all thought they were friendship bracelets like I always did," says Thomas.

The color of the bracelet corresponds to a sex act. If a girl's bracelet is broken by a boy, she performs the act.

Monica says she wore the bracelets to fit in.

"When I first heard about it was in 5th grade. Everybody was playing it and I wanted to be like everybody," says Monica.

"I send my children to learn, not about, not to play, sex games and that's what this is sex games at school," says Thomas.

The Huntsville Superintendent didn't want to comment on camera but says the school doesn't want to draw more attention to the sex bracelets by alerting parents. He says only a small group of students are participating and they are dealt with individually.

"It's simple, put it in the book. They say my child has to wear a belt, my child has to tuck in their shirt. They can't wear sex bracelets, it shouldn't be there at all," says Thomas.

Thomas says her daughter will stay at home until the policy is changed.

"I hope all parents see this. I don't think hardly any parents know about it and, just put it in the handbook, something," says Thomas.