Brazos County District Attorney's Race

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Brazos County is growing in size and so is the crime rate. That's why many say the race for district attorney is so important. Democrat Incumbent Bill Turner and opponent Patrick Meece agree with that line of thought. They talked about what they hope to bring to the D-A's office.

Last week Bill Turner and Patrick Meece met face to face for a debate on the issues, but until then print, radio, and television political ads were the way each communicated to the voters. So what do they think about the race so far?

" I think when you're willing to make negative and false accusations to get elected that the real concern we have to have is what does that say about what you'll do once you're in office," said Turner.

" There's nothing negative about bringing out my opponents record that is actually documented in public forums," said Meece.

Turner says his record speaks for itself. He's been D-A for a little over 2 decades and says his experience is key.

" 15 capital murder cases, over 90 jury trials. I've worked in juvenile cases, misdemeanor cases. I bring to the community that experience," said Turner.

Meece has been practicing law for 15 years in Brazos County and served as a magistrate and says he's seen it all.

"I have tried criminal cases and I have handled felony and criminal cases," said Meece.

Political parties aside, what most voters really want to know is which candidate is better suited for the job.

" What I will bring to the office is honesty integrity and equal justice for all," said Meece.

" If you're in trouble and you call 9-1-1, you don't ask for a republican or a democrat. You ask for someone that can get the job done and I've been doing this work now for over 25 years," said Turner.