Guns Linked to Pancho Villa Bring in Thousands at Auction

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FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (AP) - Some 1,000 Old West items sold at auction over the weekend, including guns that once belonged to "Calamity Jane," Pancho Villa and Belle Starr.

Three guns linked to Villa, the 1910 Mexican Revolution folk hero, went for almost $29,000.

Selling for $18,000 was the prize of the auction -- Villa's
Remington single action revolver that is engraved with his real name, "Doreteo Arango," on one side of the barrel.

Calamity Jane's pocket pistol sold at auction for $11,000. It bears the moniker "Martha Jane Cannary," the frontierswoman's real name.

A double-barrel shotgun once owned by female outlaw Belle Starr sold for $17,000.

The auction featured about 1,000 Old West items, including weapons that belonged to Old West lawmen.