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Government Urges Families to Get Ready

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The message from federal and local government has always been clear; be ready for anything.

Now, the Department of Homeland Security is launching a new ad campaign that targets families and asks the question, "What would you do if terrorists attack?"

The ads feature children and hope it will compel families to prepare for a terrorist attack.

"The federal goal as well as the local goal has always been to try to keep you prepared at the lowest level and that starts with family," says Brazos County Emergency Management Coordinator DeMerle Giordano.

Still, local residents say they aren't personally prepared for a disaster.

"You think about it but I don't know if we've taken any steps for a catastrophe," says College Station resident Kimbrough Jeter.

"I think I'm prepared no matter what," says local resident Dexter Workman.

"We're in such a small town, but you never know," says local resident Ruthie Whitfield.

There are three simple steps the government suggests.

First, prepare an emergency kit with food, water and even air masks, and make sure you have enough supplies for three days.

Second, make a family emergency plan so everyone knows what to do.

Finally, stay informed about possible emergencies and how to respond, including natural disasters like tornadoes and floods.

And if you want to take emergency preparation one step further the county offers Disaster Courses for citizens, so you can take care of your family and neighbors in a crisis.

"It's something we've always promoted but when 9/11 happened it became a primary focus for also terrorist events. It's what it's all about, preparing yourself in the event that an attack may happen one day," says Giordano.

Having a plan lets you answer the question of what to do after an attack, and allows families to rest easy.

If you would like to enroll in the Disaster Volunteer Academy you can call 361-4140 or register online by going to the home page and clicking on featured links.

The next class begins in February.