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Madisonville Parent Concerned About Safety on School Bus

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Jody Navarro said he was shocked last week when his 4-year-old daughter came home from school asking questions about the differences between boys and girls.

"She stated a boy on the bus showed me his and wanted me to touch it. And she said but I didn't," says Navarro.

A sergeant with the Madisonville Police Department at the time, Navarro filed a report with his employer. He also spoke to the junior high principal who referred him back to the police department for further information.

Since then, Navarro says he's found other parents who say their children may have had similar things happen to them on the bus.

Navarro adds, "Parents have contacted me and said they had already contacted the school several weeks ago about the same student, making sexual overtones to a 10-year-old girl on that bus. That was reported to school officials as far as I know nothing happened to the boy, he was still on the bus."

After numerous requests, the Madisonville School district chose not to be interviewed on camera for this story. But superintendent, Karen Richter says the children's safety is a priority and each situation is handled differently. But if the parents don't come forward nothing can be done.

Durham School Services is the bus company contracted by the school district. They were shocked and began an immediate investigation.

Sandra Carpenter, with Durham School Services released a statement, "The safety of the students we serve is our primary concern. We take this situation very seriously. We have and will continue to cooperate with all key representatives from the district and local authorities. "

The bus company did confirm that the 14-year-old was removed from the bus from an incident that happened earlier this year.

The 14-year-old junior high student is accused of indecency with a child and has been removed from riding the school bus until the investigation is over.