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New Drug Court for Brazos County

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Repeat drug and alcohol offenders in Brazos County now have another chance to get clean, thanks to a new Drug Court.

It's a program designed as a last chance for probation violators with a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

“The primary goal of what we seek to do is to protect the public and a secondary goal is to rehabilitate offenders so that they will not offend again," said Judge J.D. Langley.

Langley will oversee the new Brazos County Drug Court. The court will see everyone from the one-time offender, to a habitual abuser. It's referred at the discretion of a judge, and often times may keep offenders out of jail.

“We’ve chosen the people that have had the most difficult time, and we are expecting that there may be some relapses at times, but we're going to address those," said Dana Zachary, the Drug Court Judge.

Zachary, along with the drug court team members, will get the offender involved in drug treatment programs and monitor their progress in hopes of keeping them out of trouble.

“We’re hoping to cut down on the crime rate, and at the same time we're hoping to keep them employed and help them with other facilities that are available in the community that can help them succeed in life," said Zachary.

The drug court program received over $75,000 from the state and offenders may have to pay a fee to participate. Judge Langley says this will save tax dollars. Offenders will be required to attend court at least twice a month. Thirty cases have already been referred to drug court so far, with the first sessions taking place next week.