Leon County Veteran Honored by Daughter He Never Met

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It was a memorable Veterans Day Holiday for a Minnesota woman who traveled to Leon County to pay special tribute to a father she never knew.

"My father died the day I was born in World War II, and I just started learning about my father seven years ago," Kathy Swanson said.

As a child, Kathy knew very little about the man who helped give her life. In her early twenties she began searching for more information. Now decades later that search has brought her to Leon County.

"It was around three years ago when I found out about this memorial being built," Swanson said. "My father came from here, he was born in Marquez and he was raised in Jewett and I found his family."

Swanson made the drive from her home in Minnesota to Centerville for the Veterans Memorial dedication on the town's courthouse square, for one simple reason.

"To see my father recognized, to see his name and to know I was a part of it," Swanson said.

Although Swanson never met her father she now feels like she knows more about him, after meeting his family, and the place he called home.

It is an experience she has longed for since she was just a little girl.

"I just wish like my mom that he would be here, that he would have come home," Swanson said.