District 17 Candidates

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As we continue our coverage of November's upcoming elections we're bringing you candidate profiles. Here's a look at the District 17 candidates.

Democrat Chet Edwards and Republican Arlene Wohlgemuth are familiar faces. Brazos County has been a battle ground and both candidates have been spending a lot time campaigning here.

Wohlgemuth is focusing on her past record on taxes and budgeting.
Edwards says his strong ties with Texas A&M and military leaders give him the advantage in the Brazos Valley.

"I not only bring experience, but I bring the ability to get things done for this district as we've already demonstrated on several occasions and I also have a working relationship with President Bush," said Wohlgemuth.

"I will work to bring jobs and better roads, affordable health care, and quality education to our area. I think those are important to families in our districts," said Edwards.

Edwards currently serves as the District 11 Representative.
Wohlgemuth is a State Representative.