Mentors Helping Schools

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Do you remember that special person who had a positive effect on your life? That person may have been your mentor and many local schools are trying to put more of them in the classroom.

Jane Long Middle School in Bryan is trying a number of new things this year to improve the quality of education for its students And so far teachers say mentors have been helping to do that.

" One of the benefits of having a mentor is that the kids get someone to work with one on one. That mentor can really taylor the instruction to the level that they are and that's how we can fill their gaps," said Debi Ehrhardt, a Professional Development Specialist.

Ehrhardt says she has seen an improvement in all the students who have mentors. She also says it's helpful to target the students troubled areas and specifically work on those problems. That same method is used at Bryan High.

" A lot of what we do is about relationships and if we can attach every student with one caring adult, then we can do a world of difference in their academic world," said Becky Darce, Bryan High's Dean of Instruction.

HOSTS, AVID, and AREBA are some of the special mentoring programs in Bryan's school district. Teachers who work in the programs say they are grateful for the faithful volunteers, but could always use more.

" We wouldn't have help for those students if people didn't volunteer, we just couldn't do it and so they fill a great need," said Darce.

If you would like to volunteer and be a mentor, you can call (979) 209-6577.