New City Logos

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You may start seeing a difference in the way College Station and Bryan looks. That's because they've both made changes with the city's logo.

About a month ago, College Station sat down with Stanton Ware, a local designer. They wanted something that had more movement than this -- the logo that's been in place for nearly a decade.

Becky Nugent, Communications Director for College Station says they were not looking for a completely different look. Nugent adds, "We wanted you to use the CS and we simply wanted to substitute for the tree portion in the CS and opted for a star."

They decided to add colors of red, white and give a patriotic theme. The new look was presented to council members during one of their workshop meetings...and was approved.

Bryan rolled out its new logo this week at events throughout the community. Bryan's approach was much different from College Station's in picking their new look. This logo came after widespread community involvement in which more than 700 surveys were submitted by residents.

Jay Socol, Public Information Officer says their primary goal on the whole re-branding process was for it to be as inclusive as possible.
Socol adds, "We didn't want to do this at city hall. We wanted people to respond to questions and tell us why they like Bryan and what they feel about bryan."

Bryan wanted it's brand to have a small town feel, and incorporate the growing spanish speaking population.

Socol says, "The last census showed 28% Hispanic. I'm sure that's increased since then and this is a very large portion of our population. We wanted them to speak to them in the language their accustomed to."

Both cities hope their new logos portray a unique look for Brazos County residents and people passing through.