Expert Talks to Local Authorities About Staying Mentally Fit

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Whether its drugs or violence or anything else, law enforcers often see the worst of society.

Monday afternoon, author Kevin Gilmartin spoke with authorities and their families about keeping a strong, sound mind. He says work-related stresses cause relationships at home to fail, and that officers sometimes start rationalizing bad behavior.

"Maintenance of police officers is very important, not just the selection and basic training," Gilmartin said. "We have to keep good officers good throughout the course of their career."

Gilmartin has provided advice to hundreds, including those in the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. He's also the author of the book, "Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement."

At the seminar, Gilmartin said agencies in the US don't often do well at properly preparing their officers for the mental strain.

"Police officers typically start their career very idealistic and committed, but if we don't keep that person, more or less, dialed into what's happening in their own life, an idealistic police officer can start becoming a cynical police officer," Gilmartin said.

He also discussed how to intervene with an officer who may be going down the wrong mental path.