ExxonMobil Keeps on Giving to Texas A&M

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Texas A&M has $134,000 on the way thanks to ExxonMobil.

Monday afternoon, the energy giant cut a check to the A&M Foundation as part of a series of gifts to the university.

The ExxonMobil Foundation has been providing money to groups like A&M since 1955.

"We have an opportunity to get our faculty together with our Exxon representatives, and in many cases, our alumni themselves to renew friendships and get together and understand a little bit better what this partnership as about," Interim A&M Foundation President John Stropp said.

The funds in this gift are earmarked for geosciences, engineering and business programs, along with the Career Center.

"They not only fund just the purely academic and the programmatic side, but they also provide funding for the other centers and areas of Texas A&M such as the Career Center that's so important for the lifeblood of our graduates," Stropp said.