Three Things: Most Dangerous B/CS Intersections

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As you drive around Bryan/College Station, you've probably formed your own opinion on which intersections are the most accident prone. But does your perception match the facts?

You may be surprised to know the three most dangerous intersections are all in College Station.

At number three is the Rock Prairie/Wellborn intersection, which has had 40 accidents since January. Contributing factors include new construction, growing traffic volume and a nearby railroad crossing.

The second highest is the Holleman/Texas Avenue intersection with 47 wrecks this year. This notoriously dangerous area features a misaligned portion of Holleman as you cross Texas. Add to that lengthy road construction projects, a large number of young drivers and some sight obstructions, and you have an intersection that requires your full attention to navigate.

The number one intersection for wrecks in Bryan-College Station is University/Tarrow with 52 accidents in the first 10 months of 2007. University Drive is a heavily-travelled road which increases the chances for accidents. Then there is Tarrow, a one-way street on one side and a two-way street on the other. Unless you've familiar with that, it could be confusing. Another factor is nearby retail businesses, like Albertson's, where cars are entering and exiting close to this intersection.

Bryan's most accident-prone intersection is FM 2818/ W. Villa Maria, which has had 12 wrecks this year.