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Retailers Optimistic About Holiday Sales

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There are just a few weeks left to finish up your holiday shopping, but fresh off the biggest shopping weekend of the year, retailers are still waiting for the spending spree to kick in.

With the long lines, and frantic gift buying, it looks like any other Christmas on the surface. But retailers say this one hasn't been as merry for them so far. That concern arose after Wal-Mart announced November sales were not up to expectations. But Sheryl Bridges, with the Center for Retail Studies at Texas A&M says these low numbers are not unusual.

"In my experience, you have this huge rush Thanksgiving weekend and then there's a lull, but then it bounces back. I think with the economy the way it is we'll have a good holiday season," says Bridges.

Advertising is key to getting the average shopper out to buy. Throughout the month of December, Bridges says customers are assured they'll always get deals, simply because each retail shop is always looking to make profit, and some of those turning the biggest profits are online retailers.

"We are predicting between four to five percent increase in brick and morter stores and online retail look like its going to be 20 to 30 percent increase over the last year," says Bridges.

There's a mixture of people who are logging on to do their shopping.

"Your older population is shopping online; a lot of seniors didn't even have e-mail four years ago, now have discovered the Internet." says Bridges.

Despite a slower-than-usual start, retailers remain optimistic. They say some of the biggest spenders are last minute shoppers.