Divers Look for Missing Grimes County Teen

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Family and friends are still holding out hope for a missing Grimes County teen, but it's slowly slipping away.

It's been nearly three weeks since Carlos Rodriguez was last seen alive.

And with time working against them, searchers are intensifying efforts to find Carlos or his body.

It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. For two and a half weeks, Carlos Rodriguez has been missing.

Investigators believe his body may be beneath the murky waters of a local lake and dive crews have been called in to search.

"Once we step in the water it will muddy it up. So we have to do a grid pattern where we just search and feel," says Lt. Joe Menville, Dive Team Leader.

Law enforcement was tipped off to search the area. The property belongs to a family friend. And although investigators are hopeful, this is not the last resort in the search for Carlos.

"We'll be out here as long as it takes to find him," says Lead Investigator Kelly Reickenbacker.

Reickenbacker says there is little evidence in the case.

"We basically have nothing. He's a young man who disappeared who left all his worldly possessions and his home," she says.

The sheriff says the lake may hold the ultimate clue as to what happened to Carlos.

"Little information has come about. It's been two and a half weeks and we're trying to find some conclusion here," says Sheriff Don Sowell.

The Rodriguez family is holding on to their faith get them through.

"They have been doing well. They have a tremendous faith, and are hoping for a good outcome," says Pastor Floyd Hoke.

But the outcome looks grim. This week a land search turned up nothing.

Thursday cadaver dogs did mark one spot of interest.

So far nothing has surfaced, but investigators will continue to search until they answer the question of what happened to Carlos.

If you have any information about the disappearance call the Grimes County Sheriff's Department.